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Teffania Chef-d’oeuvre® Coffee Set

Last Updated 02-09-2021

$59.00 $129.00

The Teffania® Porcelain is an exquisitely London designed tableware set handcrafted by the finest porcelain craftsmen.

Each uniquely shaped masterpiece comes in a visually striking, sophisticated design that will make your table the most remarkable! Enjoy the premium feel of using high-end, luxury porcelain tableware suited for any occasion that comes your way.

Full Coffee Set Bundle Deal
+4 x Coffee Cup + Saucer (Value: $516)
+1 x Coffee Pot with lid (Value: $229)
+1 x Milk Creamer Pot (Value: $149)
+1 x Sugar Bowl with lid (Value: $149)
MOST POPULAR Regularly $1043
Coffee Set Bundle Deal
+4 x Coffee Cup + Saucer (Value: $516)
Regularly $516
Coffee Cup + Saucer OnlyRegularly $129

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Exclusive Teffania ® Porcelain

All Teffania ® products are made from lightweight yet durable dazzling porcelain with an excellent and stylish-looking Steware. Porcelain is fine white clay made up of a combination of ceramic elements, including the clay mineral kaolin. It’s resistant to breakage, chipping, scratching and thermal shock. If properly cared for, Teffania ® Porcelain are durable and serve long into the future.

Features of Teffania ® Porcelain

  • Exclusive Teffania ® Porcelain
  • Over 30 Hours of Precision Handcrafting
  • Own a Masterpiece in Art History
  • Unparalleled Thermal Resistance to Heat
  • Ideal for Art Collection
  • Elegant Gift Item
  • Perfect Set for All Occasions

Product Details

  • Material : Teffania ® Porcelain
  • Coffee Cup Size: 10 x 6.5cm (180ml)
  • Tea Pot Size: 14.7 x 23.5cm (1000ml)
  • Milk Pot Size: 10.7 x 12cm (280ml)
  • Sugar Pot Size: 10 x 12.5cm (280ml)
  • Heat Resistant : 150°c
  • Dishwasher : Not Recommended

Over 30 Hours of Precision Handcrafting

Each piece of Teffania® Porcelain design original undergoes dutiful handcrafting taking more than 30 hours to finish. Designed in London, every porcelain is made by finest master handcraftsmen with devotion and masterful artistry. All Teffania masterpiece are crafted from a place of dedication and superbly shaped with unequalled artistry.

Own a Masterpiece in Art History

Teffania® Porcelain is not common and as such, are a rare piece of art. All designs are of the highest quality in porcelain table sets and made by best handcrafters. When you buy Teffania ® Porcelain, you become a collector of fine art. Today, you can become a fine art collector of Teffania® Porcelain when you pick our best design porcelain table masterpieces.

Unparalleled Thermal Resistance to Heat

Teffania® Porcelain can withstand heat temperatures from hot liquids. During our testing stages, Teffania ® Porcelain showed resistance up to 150 degrees of hot water. This is many times higher than the industry average. The materials of which Teffania® Porcelain is made of can withstand breakage, chipping, scratching and thermal shock all from regular, everyday usage.

Ideal for Art Collection

Teffania® Porcelain’s perfectly shaped lines and symmetry makes it an ideal piece of art for collectors. If you love collecting high-end, artistic pieces, then you’d certainly fall in love with the sharp, crisp lines of the Teffania ®. Every piece of Teffania® tableware is in excellent condition and properly designed to add that extra bit of luxury feel to your home or office.

Elegant Gift Item

Teffania® Porcelain table masterpieces are perfectly suited to be used as elegant gift items for all occasions. You can either shop one for yourself or a loved one when there’s need for a gift. These beautifully-crafted designs will serve as the ideal gift for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas get-togethers, office parties, housewarming, reunions or any family hangouts.

Perfect Set for All Occasions

Teffania® Porcelain is designed to be functional, durable and still look elegant. It’s perfect for tasting parties, family get-togethers, soirees or just about any events where you can impress your guests or visitors with your beautiful hosting abilities. Treat your guests to a nice experience using a fine table porcelain designed for the sole purpose of adding unrivaled decorative appeal to your events.

About Teffania®

Teffania ® Porcelain came into existence due to Michel Addington’s quest for artistic, elegant but affordable tableware suitable to be used as a gift item or decorative art masterpieces.


1723 Reviews

Margret M.
My daughter literally gasped in delight when she opened this. “Prettiest cup ever!”, she exclaimed. The cup is not cloudy and it’s not too small either. It’s the exact colors she wanted. My daughter loves it.

Celine P.
For some time now, I’ve been looking for the perfect gift item for my inlaws. It was just 3 weeks back that I came across this beauty and my oh my, I fell in love on first sight.

Charmaine E.
These are one of the most gorgeous art tableware I have seen in a while. I love them to the moon and back.

Jen L.
I needed something different and my friend suggested that I try out this product. I have no regrets so far. Will buy more items in the near future.

Celine W.
Excellent designs. Worth every dime spent on it. In fact, I will buy more of these beauty.

Dorothy S.
Well, buying these have improved the look of my home. My table has this luxury feel to it and I can tell my guests are impressed with my new set of tableware!

Laura H.
Superb porcelain. Just different from what everyone else is selling.

Diane P.
If you love artistic porcelain, then Teffania ® Porcelain is the one for you. Every piece seems like it was carved out by the gods.

Michelle K.
Gifted a set of Teffania ® Porcelain to my parents during their anniversary and my mom has never been the same. The old woman is happier than ever before! Thank you Teffania ® Porcelain!

Todd K.
The color, the design, the level of work done on this porcelain is just otherworldly. 100% recommended.

Bernice R.
I often have guests every weekend and needed something new to serve them tea with. Teffania ® Porcelain came at the right time. A friend actually suggested and I ordered mine. Never been happier.

Kimberly M.
Solid work all through, top quality. No regrets.

Donna T.
Just buy it, Looks really great. Great designs, good price. Perfect!

Jennifer B.
Artistic porcelain redefined. I ordered mine a month back, imagine my surprise when I got exactly what I ordered. Sweet color, lovely craftwork.

Yvonne G.
Recommended all the way. I was gifted a set of Teffania ® Porcelain by my nephew during my sendforth at my old workplace. I felt it was just your regular china until I opened it. They’re gorgeous and I will keep them safe all my days.

Linda Q.
Top quality product. Nothing not to like about Teffania ® Porcelain.

Nico B.
One of my best shopping decisions of late. I expected it not to be good enough but imagine my surprise when it arrived.

Venus C.
Beautiful and affordable. Something like this should be far more expensive than it is. I love them so much.

Lovely gift item. We had about 6 guests over the holidays and gifted them Teffania ® Porcelain. Their joy knew no limits…the quality is obvious.

Janet T.
If you need to spice up your space, a few of these art porcelain on your desk can make all the difference. It screams quiet opulence. Will order a few more for the house next week.

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

Full Coffee Set Bundle Deal, Coffee Set Bundle Deal, Coffee Cup + Saucer Only


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🌞 Summer Mega Sale! | Shop best sellers at 50% to 70% off. Extra 20% off when you spend $600. Code: S20
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Teffania Chef-d’oeuvre® Coffee Set
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