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How The Teffania® Brand Came to Be.

Teffania® Glassware came to be through an unexpected run of events.

The Story of Teffania®

Sending quality gifts to loved ones had always been a difficult one for Michel Addington. She found it not just tedious but time-consuming looking for gifts that were of very good quality and still affordable to be given away to loved ones.

She loved beautiful, artistic glassware and believed them to be the perfect gift item. Unfortunately, finding one that met her taste became a challenge. It was either they were too costly or the quality wasn’t just good enough or the artwork designs were not crafted the way she preferred it to be.

Michel wanted to create the perfect glass tableware that will deliver a combination of artistic sophistication, elegant vibes and minimal purchase costs when used as gift items.

A few years down the line, her quest for fine, handcrafted table glassware that met all her preferences was born with the coming of Teffania® Glassware.

Designed in London by its finest craftsmen, Teffania® Glassware is a premium, high-end but affordable glass tableware handcrafted to suit any occasion that comes your way.

Every item is uniquely crafted by hand for at least 30 hours to give this excellent glass tableware its unique look. Each uniquely shaped masterpiece comes in a visually striking, sophisticated design that will make your table the most remarkable.

All Teffania® products are made from lightweight yet durable dazzling glass with an excellent and stylish-looking Steware. When you own one, you get to add that extra bit of artistic elegance and sophistry to your home or office.

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